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Cicada's mission is to create stronger communities through our thoughtful approach to design. We find beauty in every small piece that makes up the larger whole. Our architecture is not meant to stand on its own, but rather integrate into the lives of those who inhabit it. It is a product of our history, climate, community and the client. We strive to create buildings and spaces that improve the immediate and larger region around us.


James Catalano


Having a curiosity for all things built, James, along with his mane of hair, keeps the other co-founders of CICADA in check. Being a native of New Orleans, he fully embraces his southern hospitality, enjoying all things food, music and tech. James graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the LSU College of Art and Design in 2013 and has been working in the architectural field since 2009. Immediately upon graduation, James, along with his wife Adrienne, co-founded a digital modeling and fabrication business, Future Factory.  His spark for design began while studying at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium (WAAC) outside of Washington DC.     

James balances his full-time career as a professional architectural designer with his passion for digital modeling, 3D scanning, aerial photography, video editing, and video animation. 

James also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and teaches children in his community the basics of 3D printing and 3D scanning. He also enjoys the constant struggle of juggling all of his passions and hobbies with the help of good coffee and his supportive wife.


Matt DeCotiis, RA, LEED AP


Matt is the guiding light of morality in the ever obscure CICADA hive. He received his Bachelor of Science with Cum Laude distinction in Architecture from Northeastern University 2008. In 2010 Matt attended Tulane University where he received his Masters degree in Architecture in 2012 and was awarded the AIA Certificate of Merit and a thesis commendation for his research on modernizing New Orleans Cemeteries. 

Upon graduation, Matt started 30minus90, a design consulting business, where he specialized in urban planning, real estate development and financial analysis, residential design, and graphic design/branding. He has also worked as an adjunct faculty member for Tulane University co-teaching URBANbuild 8 Studio (winner of AIA Honor Award in the category of Master Planning and Design) and the Tulane City Center Studio, Parisite Skate Park.

Matt has worked on a variety of projects, ranging in scale from small residential to large commercial designs in New York and New Orleans.  He applies his skills in computational design and 3d modeling to make the rest of us look extremely underqualified.  When he’s not making architectural magic with video-game engines, you can find him biking around the Irish channel with his wife Lital, dog Dante, and 1-year-old Eliana. 


Adrienne Catalano

Project Designer

Adrienne hails from Crowley, Louisiana, in the heart of “Cajun Country”. Her passion for design propelled her through LSU’s College of Art and Design, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2013. During her college years, she discovered a passion for furniture design and woodworking during a year studying at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium (WAAC) in Alexandria, VA. Adrienne enjoys flexing her creative muscles in numerous realms that include painting, furniture design, photography, and digital art.

After graduating from LSU, she and her husband James co-founded Future Factory, a digital modeling and fabrication company, where they explored jewelry design and production among other pursuits. Since entering into her professional Architectural career, Adrienne has managed and completed over 50 commercial and residential construction projects in and around New Orleans. Adrienne has a fine attention to detail, and enjoys creating vibrant and thoughtful architectural environments. She is an advocate for sustainability, and believes that incorporating plants into both interior and exterior designs is essential to healthier, happier, and more productive spaces.

Outside of work hours, you can find Adrienne soaking up live music around town, working in her garden, or fixing up her historic shotgun home with James. She and James recently adopted a sweet puppy named Pepper, who now runs the household.


Seamus McGuire, AIA, LEED AP BD+C


Gregarious, outspoken and enthusiastic, Seamus McGuire is looking to lead a new generation of architects. As a New Orleans native, Seamus is passionate about his city and inspired  by its potential for growth. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from LSU and was selected to be a part of the renowned Studio 804 program, while earning his Master of Architecture from the University of Kansas. 

Seamus believes the future of architecture is rooted in emerging technologies and hopes to establish an approachable connection to the community through this versatile and engaging new firm.

Seamus has practiced in Denver and Baton Rouge before rooting himself back in New Orleans with his wife, Kara, cat, Bella and dog, Henri.


Paulo Perkins, AIA


Born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, Paulo is a true “French Quarter Kid”. Being surrounded by horse-drawn buggies, haunted homes, and authentic Euro-Caribbean architecture helped shape Paulo into the Architectural loving, food junkie he is today. 

Paulo graduated from the Louisiana State University School of Design in 2009 and has over 16 years of architectural experience. As an award winning licensed architect, Paulo gained a variety of experience from two of the largest architecture firms in Louisiana. Paulo also mastered the art of digital rendering, with his business Trans3D. 

Thoughtful, efficient, and innovative, Paulo uses his passion for technology to bridge the gap between historical context and state-of-the-art digital methodologies. 

When he’s not making his partners and clients laugh, Paulo wears the hat of husband and father, balancing chaos with chaos in his uptown home.   


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