Adrienne hails from Crowley, Louisiana, in the heart of “Cajun Country”. Her passion for design propelled her through LSU’s College of Art and Design, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2013. During her college years, she discovered a passion for furniture design and woodworking during a year studying at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium (WAAC) in Alexandria, VA. Adrienne enjoys flexing her creative muscles in numerous realms that include painting, furniture design, photography, and digital art.

After graduating from LSU, she and her husband James co-founded Future Factory, a digital modeling and fabrication company, where they explored jewelry design and production among other pursuits. Since entering into her professional Architectural career, Adrienne has managed and completed over 50 commercial and residential construction projects in and around New Orleans. Adrienne has a fine attention to detail, and enjoys creating vibrant and thoughtful architectural environments. She is an advocate for sustainability, and believes that incorporating plants into both interior and exterior designs is essential to healthier, happier, and more productive spaces.

Outside of work hours, you can find Adrienne soaking up live music around town, working in her garden, or fixing up her historic shotgun home with James. She and James recently adopted a sweet puppy named Pepper, who now runs the household.  | 2115 Magazine St Suite B, New Orleans, LA 70130 | 504.208.1171  | 2115 Magazine St, Suite B, New Orleans, LA 70130 | 504.517.6532  | 2115 Magazine St, Suite B New Orleans, LA 70130 | 504.517.6532
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