CICADA uses a variety of technologies to capture dynamic, hard to reach perspectives of projects, creating ultra-high-quality photos and videos to enhance the design, construction, and marketing for our clients.  CICADA is fully licensed and certified under FAA Part 107 and can help you with drone-based aerial photography wherever your project is located.

Aerial drone photography + video can add a unique new perspective to your marketing collateral.  With our fleet of 3 drones all with unique flying capabilities, we can produce high altitude aerials along with low altitude photography or videography to help market or document your project.

3D Scanning and Mapping Services

CICADA can create full color and highly detailed 3D models of existing conditions using HD cameras and drone technology.  We can digitize anything from the SuperDome to Mardi Gras beads. 

Construction Photography

CICADA specializes in construction progress photography. Whether your project is in pre-construction, or through substantial completion we provide means of documenting your project. Typical packages start from 1 to 3 images and can range to multiple photos a week, depending on your needs. Deliverables typically consist of RAW Images and are subject to review prior to release. Packages for construction progress photography range from $1,000 and up. Photo editing also available. 

Architectural Photography

CICADA specializes in finished Architectural Photography + Video. As Architects, we know how Architecture should be presented. Typical service consists of finished exterior photos of your property, either high at altitude or low altitude depending your needs. Packages start from 1 to 3 images and are re-touched prior to final release to the owner. Packages begin at $350 and up.


Pricing for videography depends on several variables including, timing, amount of editing required, and duration of video. CICADA can offer anything from a 10 second fly over of a site for marketing material, to a 10-minute presentation for a client. Packages begin at $800 and up.

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