Hilltop Residence

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

Project Status: Completed - Spring 2012

The Hilltop residence is a contemporary, 3 bedroom, home sited in a rural area of the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York. The home was conceived as a reflection and reflector of its landscape offering framed views of the surrounding landscape as one moves through the home.  The orientation of the home came from an extensive study of the site and environment, and is sited to take advantage of the prevailing winds to help cool the space in the summer and the sun to warm it in the winter.  The plan is organized around a central living space that consists of the kitchen and living room with private wings that house the owner's wood shop at the Western edge of the site and the bedrooms at the Eastern edge.

The house was designed to be a truly sustainable residence starting from the construction process to the day-to-day operation.  The Hilltop Residence was constructed using SIPS (structurally insulated Panels), which significantly cut down on construction debris and overall disturbance of the site.  The siting of the home takes full advantage of the environment by using passive cooling and heating strategies.  During the summer, using a series of sliding doors and windows, the owner can cool the entire home without the assistance of air conditioning.  The second floor acts as a solar chimney, allowing any rising warm air to escape through the windows.  The form of the building itself was oriented to allow for a solar array in the future helping accomplish the owner’s goals of having a home that could perform off the grid when necessary.

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