Matt is the guiding light of morality in the ever obscure CICADA hive. He received his Bachelor of Science with Cum Laude distinction in Architecture from Northeastern University 2008. In 2010 Matt attended Tulane University where he received his Masters degree in Architecture in 2012 and was awarded the AIA Certificate of Merit and a thesis commendation for his research on modernizing New Orleans Cemeteries. 

Upon graduation, Matt started 30minus90, a design consulting business, where he specialized in urban planning, real estate development and financial analysis, residential design, and graphic design/branding. He has also worked as an adjunct faculty member for Tulane University co-teaching URBANbuild 8 Studio (winner of AIA Honor Award in the category of Master Planning and Design) and the Tulane City Center Studio, Parisite Skate Park.

Matt has worked on a variety of projects, ranging in scale from small residential to large commercial designs in New York and New Orleans.  He applies his skills in computational design and 3d modeling to make the rest of us look extremely underqualified.  When he’s not making architectural magic with video-game engines, you can find him biking around the Irish channel with his wife Lital, dog Dante, 3-year-old Eliana and 1 year old Cece.  | 2115 Magazine St Suite B, New Orleans, LA 70130 | 504.208.1171  | 2115 Magazine St, Suite B, New Orleans, LA 70130 | 504.517.6532  | 2115 Magazine St, Suite B New Orleans, LA 70130 | 504.517.6532
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